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Nov 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
never liked the politics of new york city or new york state. it was always to me dirty, and it sullied democracy as we knew it. i had to learn a lot about that with the truman story. there is a long chapter in the book. >> we are running out of time, there is so much to ask. where were you born? >> new york city. i went to public schools in new york city. i went to barnard college in manhattan, across the street from columbia. i won a fellowship to get a master's degree in columbia. i wanted to be a journalist. my history professor said, if you want to be a journalist to have to know something, so learn history. journalists do not know enough history. i thought that was good advice. i fell in love with history. i did not have any money to continue, so why was told to apply to rochester, which had fellowships. i applied and got one. i was one to be a historian. i stayed in rochester for two years. i started teaching at columbia. i fell in love with history. >> david herbert donald you met where? >> at columbia. he was one of two young professors they had just hired. i took his lecture c
Nov 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
in new york. not new york city. there rural new york in 1881. he studies law, becomes a lawyer, settles in auburn, new york. this is halfway between albany and buffalo. the day he starts practicing law, he starts practicing politics. he is elected governor of new york in 1888. he is elected to the federal senate in 1869. 1860, he is the favorite for the republican nomination but does not get it. he instead becomes secretary of state under lincoln and served eight years as secretary of state. he retired, travels and on the world, and died in 1872. >> his wife, and daughter, died young. what were the circumstances and years? >> his wife was in ill health through much of the latter part of her life. she is roughly seward's age. she is summoned by the family from auburn, new york, where she spends most of the civil war years, down to washington after the carriage accident. she tends to her husband after the carriage accident. she is there on that terrible night of the assassination attempt. the houses are most painted with blood. for the next two weeks, as they begin to strengthen, she begi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)